Things to Consider During 36-week of Fetal Development

Written by: Redaksi

Hal yang Perlu Diperhatikan saat Usia Kehamilan 36 Minggu

Has Mommy reached Week 36 of Pregnancy? If so, then Mommy should be more careful in taking care of the pregnancy. Fetal development at Week 36 is very important and crucial for pregnant women because they will undergo the laboring process within one more week. Because of this importance, there are certain thinks that Mommy needs to consider : 

1.Pregnancy Preparation 

The first is the preparation for labor. Prepare the vehicle, the hospital and the husband should always be alert. So, when the time comes, Mommy and the baby will not get any significant problems.

2.Mommy’s Mindset

At the age of 36 weeks of fetal development, many Mommies thought that the pregnancy will end and pleasant times with loving husband’s behavior during pregnancy will also end. This kind of mindset must be changed and Mommy must continue to think positively until labor. 

3.Mommy’s Physical Condition 

During Week 36 of pregnancy, Mommy will experience many physical changes and one of them is weight gain. One cause of weight gain is due to the already grown fetus. To maintain weight, mommy can do casual exercise such as pregnancy workouts. There are many types of pregnancy workouts for 36-week pregnancy. Choose one of the workouts to stay fit. In addition, Mommy also needs to pay attention to diet, such as getting used to eating small meals as often as possible. 

4.Medical Check Up

In addition to physical preparation, a medical check up is also necessary. A medical check up  needs to be done every 2 weeks. This is including laboratory tests, such as blood profile, IgM, TORCH and others.

5.Communication with the Baby 

At this age the fetus development, the fetus has grown to a certain size. Basically, the fetus is capable of responding to Mommy. So, start communicating with the fetus. This will be very special, especially when the fetus gives responses by kicking. 

6.Choosing an Obstetrician

Selecting an obstetrician is also essential. Choose a doctor who can be trusted and well-experienced. It will make it easier for Mommy to get inputs in order to support Mommy to face the labor process. 

Hopefully things above are useful for mommy at the stage of 36-week of pregnancy to complete the stage smoothly and healthily.